Phytochemical compositions of essential oils of Achillea vermicularis Trin in Zanjan province natural habitats


Research Institue of Modern Biological Techniques, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran


Achillea vermicularis Trin. It belongs to the genus Achillea and the family Asteraceae, which is widely used in traditional medicine, especially in the treatment of arthritis, gastritis, asthma and liver diseases. From selecting a suitable plant sample, the whole vegetative body of the plant was harvested in the whole stage of flowering and after drying in room shade, it was powdered as a homogeneous mixture and its essential oil was extracted by distillation with water. Then, the components of the essential oil were identified and the amount of the components was identified using a gas chromatography device connected to a mass spectrometer. The results showed that the essential oil obtained from the dry vegetative body of the plant was white with a yield of 0.74%. (Table 1). The most important main compounds identified in the essential oil are: due to the high level of camphor (17.36%) and also bornel acetate (22.17%) which is a precursor to camphor and also the valuable substance 1 and 8-cineole (18.89%). The present study showed Zanjan city has a very good potential for producing yarrow.